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5-Hour Energy

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With a comparable amount of caffeine as the leading premium cup of coffee, these energy shots are perfect when you’re in between a good night’s sleep.

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  • Fixes tired fast and gets you back to 100 percent
  • Vitamins, nutrients, and about as much caffeine as eight ounces of the leading premium coffee
  • Drink it in seconds, feel it in minutes, lasts for hours
  • Portable and requires no refrigeration

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Have you ever visited a warm-weather paradise? Spent a vacation surfing crystal blue waters off the Virgin Islands or sunbathing on the sparkling sand beaches of Hawaii? No? That’s OK. 5-hour Energy Extra Strength Peach Mango-flavored energy shots are a pretty good way to take your taste buds on an exotic trip — no matter where you are. Nothing says “tropical sunshine” quite like the golden flavor of a ripe, juicy mango.
We created 5-hour Energy Extra Strength Peach Mango-flavored energy shots for those chasing an endless summer. They’re tropically inspired, with a delicious blend of two warm-weather flavor favorites: summer-ripe mango and peach. Intermingled, the two fruits create a sweet and sunny flavor that you’ll be remembering long after you’ve taken a taste. And it only comes in our extra strength formula that contains caffeine, B vitamins and nutrients, making it the perfect companion for those days when even abundant sunshine can’t keep you awake.
You may not have the time or money to take a trip to the warmest, most sun-soaked parts of the world. But you know what you can do right now? Grab an Extra Strength Peach Mango 5-hour Energy. Do it. No beach towel required.​


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