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Astrobrights Color Paper

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  • Attention-getting notices, flyers, announcements and bulletins.
  • Single and double-sided printing
  • Use with inkjet, laser and copiers, just add black ink!
  • Lignin and acid-free paper for long-lasting projects
  • FSC certified for an earth-conscious paper

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Create vibrantly with Astrobrights Color Paper. It’s 20% thicker than ordinary printer paper, so you can achieve great results for single and double-sided documents. Plus, because it creates a bright and bold background, you’ll save on pricey full-color ink printing. Astrobrights Color Paper lets you easily create vibrant flyers, brochures, school projects, signs, coupons, posters, and paper crafting. Just add black ink! Brighter colors. Brighter ideas. Get ready for your most creative ideas to really take off! The proof is in colors and numbers, of course. Studies by the American Paper Institute and the Color Marketing Group show that color increases retention by 18 percent and improves readership by as much as 40 percent. And for direct mail, color increases response rates by 20 percent.

A Brighter Shade of Green Neenah is committed to conserving our natural resources through responsible business and manufacturing policies and practices. Neenah manufactures a wide selection of green papers including FSC certified, Green Seal certified, Green-e certified and Carbon Neutral Plus papers.


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