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Boise – Fireworx Colored Paper

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  • Colored paper
  • Letter size
  • Compatible for all copiers, inkjet and laser printers
  • 30% post-consumer recycled content
  • FSC certified

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Boise® – Fireworx® Colored Paper, 20lb., 8-1/2 x 11, 500 Sheet Ream (Choose a Color) adds an exciting pop of color to whatever documents, leaflets or signage you are preparing. It works particularly well for restaurant menus, school projects or anything that allows a small extra degree of creativity. The 500 sheets of paper goes a long way towards convincing the student body to elect you president, or towards getting the whole neighborhood to turn out for your yard sale or for getting the entire company in the holiday spirit. With the wide variety of these 20 lb. colored papers, you can theme every printed material you make without breaking the bank. Boise – Fireworx Colored Paper, 20lb. is made for fun, simple projects that are too exciting to stick to plain old white paper.

Is Boise Color Paper Compatible with Inkjet Printers?

Yes, this colored paper is printable on all inkjet and laser printers, in addition to all copy, scan and fax machines that deal with standard letter-sized paper. Letter size printers, scanners and copiers are the most common and ubiquitous type of multifunction printing machine and it is extremely uncommon for them to not work with letter-size paper. This paper will work with any device that accepts letter size. Colored printer paper does not have a different thickness, surface or substance of the paper, it simply has a bit more personality than plain white. Boise – Fireworx Colored Paper, 20lb. can still be printed on like any old white paper.

Can Colored Paper Be Recycled?

Yes, Fireworx colored paper can be recycled the same way white paper or brown kraft paper is recycled. In fact, this paper contains 30% post-consumer waste (recycled material) and is FSC certified.

About the Boise Brand

Boise is recognized around the printing industry and around the world for their quality products and the integrity of their manufacturing process. This paper comes ready to re-sell or to use yourself, at a scale that makes either scenario work for you.


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