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Everyday Copy Paper

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  • Inexpensive copy paper
  • Great for documents that do not require a high-quality type of paper like card stock
  • Opaque enough to ensure that ink does not show through

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You can really never have enough copy paper on hand whether you just have your printer at home for your leisure and logistical needs or if you have a printer that is shared between several colleagues. There is nothing worse than going to print a document and realizing that you have no paper in the tray. To avoid the scenario where you find yourself scrounging through all of your craft drawers for the printable paper it is best to stock up ahead of time. Purchasing a large quantity of copy paper at one time can get expensive over time, however, thanks to Everyday Copy Paper 20lb, 92 Bright, 8-1/2 x 11″, Case, you can find cheap copy paper whenever you need it. This case of A4 copy paper provides you with 5,000 sheets of Sustainable Forestry Initiative® certified paper.

How Many Sheets Are There per Ream of Copy Paper?

Each ream contains 500 sheets of copy paper. The Everyday Copy Paper 20lb, 92 Bright comes with 10 reams.

Can I Have the Everyday Copy Paper 20lb, 92 Bright Shipped to Me?

This is a heavy product that can be cumbersome to pick up at the store so Sam’s offers shipping with no delivery charge.

Since This Is Cheap Copy Paper, Do I Need to Worry About the Ink Showing Through?

You can print double-sided with no fear. This A4 copy paper has a high enough opacity to ensure that ink does not show through.

Does the Everyday Copy Paper 20lb, 92 Bright Come with Any Colored Copy Paper?

All of the paper in this case is 92 bright white. There is no colored copy paper.

Is This Paper High Enough Quality for Important Documents?

This paper is perfect for printing any 8.5-inch by 11-inch document. The paper is acceptable for printed assignments for school, printable application forms for a job or other logistical reasons and any other document that does not require a particular paper like card stock. Legal documents typically require a different size of paper so this would not be the correct copy paper to print a legal document on.


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