Granja Flor Sunflower Oil (2 Liter)

Granja Flor Sunflower Oil (2 Liter)


About the product

  • This Sunflower Oil is High Heat Refined Non-GMO Sunflower Oil, providing monounsaturated fats, is excellent and stable for high-temperature cooking and baking
  • Ideal for Frying, baking, dressings, pastries and salads
  • High temperature cooking oil
  • No additives added
  • 100% Non GMO Naturally

Granja Flor Sunflower Oil is Great for deep frying, baking, dressings, pastries and salads. Great taste and high temperature resistance. Granja Flor is pure, light and enhances the flavor of your meals. It can be used for seasoning and cooking in a tasty and healthy way.


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