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Lonely Olive Tree Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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  • First cold pressed
  • Single origin oil direct from Sparta, Greece
  • Mountain grown
  • Kallanis groves

Why We Love This

Pressed and bottled in Greece, this buttery extra virgin olive oil has low acidity, so it’s perfect for drizzling over fresh salad greens or grilled seafood.

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This delightful olive oil is hand-picked, pressed, bottled, and shipped from the Northeast Territory of Mt. Taygetus in Sparta, Greece. Certified organic and cold pressed, Lonely Olive Tree Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a naturally fresh butter flavor, but is cholesterol free and has a low acidity of 0% to 0.6%. The Agourelaio or “immature” olives that are grown in the Killanis groves have been family-tended for generations.


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