Full Chemical Name: N-Ethyl-Ketamine

Systematic IUPAC Name: 2-(2-Chlorophenyl)-2- (ethylamino)cyclohexan-1-one

CAS Number: 1354634-10-8

ChemSpider Number: Not yet assigned

Molecular Formula: C14H18CINO

Molecular Mass: 251.751 g/mol


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What is N-Ethyl-Ketamine?
N Ethyl Ketamine, N-EthylKetamine, N-Ethyl-nor ketamine or N-EK is a research chemical analog of the dissociative anesthetic compound Ketamine. N-Ethyl-Ketamine is part of the Arylcyclohexylamine family of compounds with a chemical structure very close to that of 2-MeO-Ketamine and Ketamine. Due to this similarity, it is predicted that N-Ethyl-Ketamine would bind in vitro (outside living organism) to the NMDA Receptor as an antagonist and possess dissociative properties. Structural analysis would suggest that N-Ethyl-Ketamine would bind to receptors with a slightly higher potency and duration of action, than Ketamine.

What is N-Ethyl-Ketamine used for?
In general, members of the Arylcyclohexylamine class have a similar action upon the receptors, these are as follows: NMDA Receptor Antagonist, Dopamine Re-Uptake Inhibitor, µ-opioid Receptor Agonist, σ Receptor Agonist, nACh Receptor Antagonist, and D2 Receptor Agonist. As N-Ethyl-Ketamine is part of this family of chemical, researchers could use N-Ethyl-Ketamine to profile, in vitro, the affinity, efficacy, and duration of action it has upon these receptors.

N Ethyl Ketamine can be used as the reference sample for toxicologists and forensic scientists for chemical analysis catalogs using NRM, HPLC, FTIR and GC/MS. Furthermore, some chemistry students may choose to use N-Ethyl-Ketamine as a primary reagent in their experiments.

Other interesting comparison research chemicals within this class are 3-MeO-PCP, Phencyclidine (PCP), Ketamine, 2-MeO-Ketamine and Methoxetamine.

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