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Nekoosa – Fast Pack Digital Carbonless Paper

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  • Letter size
  • 2-Part, White/Canary
  • Designed for high-speed copiers and laser printers.
  • Side Ream Identification System eliminates costly loading errors.
  • Straight sequence.
  • 2,500 sheets (1,250 coallated sets).

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Optimized for digital monochrome and color printing. Reduce inventory costs—no obsolete forms to discard. Five ream convenience carton designed to meet your short run form needs. Increase print productivity and data processing by integrating digital print features and the use of color into your multi-part forms for on-demand printing applications. Improved run-ability and higher quality image transfers. Side Ream Identification System eliminates costly paper loading errors by providing a line of arrows on the end of each ream that points to the print side of the paper.


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