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Norditropin Nordilet Pen 30IU


Norditropin Nordilet Pen 30IU is a disposable, premixed, prefilled pen that makes taking growth hormone simple. Norditropin Nordilet Pen 30IU and 5 mg delivery pens are the only prefilled, multi-dose, disposable growth hormone pens

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HGH is made in the pituitary gland that is located at the base of your brain. This hormone is responsible for all the growth of the body, this includes bones and organs, and it helps a lot in the body´s metabolic process. After the growth hormone is released from your pituitary gland, then the hormone tells to your liver to release a second hormone which is called IGF-1. Then together, these hormones tell your organism to grow by adding more cells to the bones and tissues. Norditropin pens are one of our best sellers and are available for Northamerican customers only.

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