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Organic Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet potatoes are the fresh staple to keep in your pantry. Whip up easy fries or toss them into stews. A dry, cool place gives them a longer shelf life.

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  • 5 lb. bag of organic sweet potatoes
  • Sweet and creamy flavor
  • Naturally fat-free food

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Sweet potatoes are one of the most important staples to keep in your panty. There are many different ways that you can use them, and there are many reasons that they’ve become such a popular and beneficial food to have on hand. With these Organic Sweet Potatoes (5 lbs.), you will have enough for a week or more’s worth of food and meals in most cases.

What to Expect from the Organic Sweet Potatoes?

The sweet potato is one of the top food options for a number of reasons, and top among those is the taste. Depending on how they are prepared, they could be creamy, or if they are fried, they could have more of a crunchy texture to them. They can be peeled, or they can be cooked as they are. The sweet potato tends to be a very versatile food. To make sure that your potatoes last as long as possible, it is important to keep them in a cool, dry, dark location.

What Are the Biggest Benefits of Choosing Organic Sweet Potatoes?

If you’ve been considering whether there are sweet potato benefits, you will be happy to note that there certainly are. For starters, the sweet potatoes are naturally fat-free. Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, as well as vitamin A and C. They are also useful for cooking a range of different types of food.

How Can You Use Organic Sweet Potatoes?

As mentioned, organic sweet potatoes tend to be a very versatile food option. They can be used for making many different types of dishes. One of the simplest methods is simply baking the potato, just as you would other types of potato. You can also roast them, make sweet potato pancakes, turn them into French fries, make biscuits, soups, pie, stew and more.


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