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SMMS Reinforced surgical gown

  • PP+PE Reinforcement in the front and sleeves
  • Resist to blood, oil and alcohol effeciently
  • Comply with EN 14683, CE marking, ISO 9001 and 14001

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Surgical gown is made of 45 / 50 / 55 gsm SMS Nonwoven fabric to give excellent protection comfortable wear for medical personnel.
Treated with moisture repellent the fabric assure medical professional wonderful protection from bacteria infections and fluids.


– SMMS Standard surgical gown

  • 45/50/55 grams SMS/SMMS
  • Knitted cuffs with soft fabric for wrist comfort
  • 4 pcs of belts for tie up around the wrist
  • Special folding way with 1 pc of paper towel and paper sheet wrapped in sterilization package


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